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UT3 Titan Pack Details and Release Date
UT1nanoblack.jpg The free of charge Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack is on it's way. It will be released on 05 May 2009.

Unreal Tournament 3: Titan Pack  offers:

ut-titan-4.jpg- 16 new maps
- Two new gametypes: Greed and Betrayal
- The Titan mutator, which lets players overwhelm opponents as a 15
   foot tall titan, or crush them as a 30 foot tall BehemothGreed
- Two weapons, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon artillery
- Two deployables, the X-Ray Field and Link Station
- Two new characters, Nova and Kana57
- AI enhancements
- Networking performance upgrades
- Improved menu flow and UI usability
- The legendary Darkmatch from Unreal 1 makes a return

Find more information: Planet Unreal

Posted on 19 Feb 2009 by [DD]Trip

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