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Exclusive interview with Heckenheinrich
exclusive150.jpgThe 2008 Kanes Wrath WCG silver medal winner Heckenheinrich was kind enough to do an exclusive interview for our clan site. He also answered some questions in the german forum Thread.

Excerpt from the interview:

<DD|Trip> You played Reaper, where do you see the strength of that race?

<Heckenheinrich> Well... Reaper had the strongest T2 Tank in 1.01, the strongest antiair (Walker/Photon Cannon), the Tiberium Scan for free and the Buzzer Swarm. If you had an army consisting of Devourers / Corruptors, you could basically beat everything, except Orcas, which I found out in the finals.

Read the Full interview:
English Version Forum Thread
German Version Forum Thread

Posted on 18 Feb 2009 by [DD]Trip

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