Clan Name: Destiny Dealers Tag: DD Founded: 2005 Voice Chat Server: Ventrilo
Squads: Command & Conquer Series, Starcraft 2, Dawn of War 2, RPGs

Homepage Version 6
news150.jpgIt's been a long road but hereby Destiny Dealers presents you their Homepage Version 6.

When you read this, you obviously already discovered it's most important (and only) new feature: A newsstyem.

We had a static HTML news system some time ago, but this one is php based and dynamic. Means registered users can add comments.

However you need to register a new account first (your forum account doesn't work). Click on login, there you will find a register option.

There was a lot of testing of different newsscripts going on (there are 1 000 000 on the net), but Cutenews seemed to fit best for our purposes.

Posted on 17 Feb 2009 by [DD]Trip

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