2005-2007: THE EARLY YEARS

The clan started out as Armada 2 clan in 2005. It was founded by Trip, with his friend Keeper becomming the co - leader.
By doing excessive training sessions and by playing clanwars we tried our best to get forward.

In spring 2007 Destiny Dealers hosted a ladder for the community that made it among the 10 most popular Gamespy Arena Ladders.
Nontheless overall Armada 2 was dying, so we switched over to the Command & Conquer Series in the summer of 2007.


In 2008 we started playing tournaments like the RTS Cup for Kanes Wrath.

While we tried hard to get better in the RTS sector, games like Trackmania or Guild Wars brought more variation to the clan.


In spring 2009 Dawn of War 2 became another ambitious clan game. Around summer 2009 we started to play ESL Clanwar Leagues for both Warcraft 3 and Red Alert 3.

Throughout 2009 we became the most active clan at Gamereplays.org Kanes Wrath tournaments and it should pay off:
By the end of 2009 DD is a force to reckon with in the RTS sector.

Top ladder positions and victories at tournaments mark a new age for us.
Also we took part on the official Kanes Wrath Ladder Season 3 tournament, scoring a third place.

2010- 20xx: ON AND ON IT GOES

Spring 2010: Finally the long awaited Starcraft 2 Beta got released and the Destiny Dealers play it.

Also we finally qualified for the Dawn of War 2 ESL Major Series.

What the future holds? Stay tuned.