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Interview with Dackel

Postby [DD]Trip » Mon 11. May 2009, 10:05

Pascal Pfefferle a.k.a. Dackel was so kind to grant our clan an exclusive Interview.

He is one of the best C&C players of all time.
He could prove this with a victory at the World Cyber Games 2008.

The following is a translation to english, done by me.
The german original version can be found here:

Hello Dackel, what did you do after your World Cyber Games victory in Kanes Wrath in 2008?

After the World Cyber Games I had played the finals of the EA Masters, the EALA Ladderseason and the EPS to an end.
It wasn't that easy for me, because I was totally focused on the World Cyber Games.
The victory there was supposed to be a beautiful ending, so it needed a certain degree of motivation, to give everything for those other tournaments.

What is your impression of Red Alert 3?

Even if I didn't play Red Alert 3 that intense yet, I got the impression again, that nothing has changed, when the game developement philosophy of EALA is concerned.
From my point of view the game was released too early, and doesn't correspond completely to a qualitative state, that meets the expectations of a multiplayer community.
The improvement regarding the support is welcome, however the patches can hardly compensate fundamental issues.

Command & Conquer won't get supported at the WCG 09. What are the consequences for you?

First off, it was a major disappointment for me, because I planned to be inducted into the Hall of Fame with a second success at the World Cyber Games.
I did a lot of thinking, how and if I could continue my career in the C&C scene. I know from the begining,
that only with a clearly defined goal another investment in time and tourneys would make sense.
And I found that goal, I want to win the final of the ladder season at the Gamescon in August - I carry on!

Was it so hard to ignite a eSports passion for the majority, because so many top players were not really convinced of the newer games of the C&C series?

No, I don't think so. When Tiberium Wars was released in 2007, the expectations of the community for the new title were very high.
We shouldn't forget to say here, that the release of Zero Hour was quite a while ago.
The marketing campaing with the slogan "RTS as a Sport" also did it's share, to create a hype and to get the attention from players of other games.

However the new title couldn't live up to the high expectations by far, which caused disappointments soon.
Same thing goes for Red Alert 3, except the fact, that the short interval between Kanes Wrath Release and Red Alert 3 Release made it harder to create a new hype.

To ignite an "eSports-passion", you need a good game in the first place, that is suitable for eSports. If that is given,
everything else happens almost automatically, even without C&C TV and other endeavours, about which I don't like to speak disparagingly, but they don't deal with the root of the problem.
I would also classify under the term of "eSport- compliant", that a game has to offer a perspective for the gamer.
If I can be almost sure at release, that I have to switch to the successor within about a year (in KW there was a Beta Key for RA 3), this certainly isn't the case.

Would you have switched to Dawn of War 2 if it had received WCG Support and did you get an impression of that game?

No, I didn't spend time with Dawn of War 2. I'm a fan of the C&C series and would reluctantly switch to another game.

Do you think you would have to spend more time in Starcraft 2 to be as successful as in C&C? If so, are you up for it?

Starcraft 2 is likely the RTS title, for which the most players worldwide are waiting for.
I believe, that I can master every RTS GAme in a relative short amount of time, however the extreme high amount of players, will lead to a way higher quality density
- also because asian gamers will play a more significant role than in C&C.

Thanks for the interview, you shall have the last words.

Dynamic, prepare for what's to come.
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Re: Interview with Dackel

Postby [DD]FallenXE » Mon 11. May 2009, 14:40

Lol i agree with Dackel's thought with RA3's fundamental issues.EA still hasnt resolved the probs with 10 patches.Yet i think that they designed it for casual gamers and thus,the lack of a WCG appearance as it doesnt suit the hardcore gaming community.

Anyway great interview Trip :) and this will be another stepping stone for DD to get known.
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Re: Interview with Dackel

Postby Texaimian » Mon 11. May 2009, 14:49

Great Inverview trip :goodjob:
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