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Interview with Xeon

Postby [DD]Trip » Fri 27. Feb 2009, 18:38

The successful eSports gamer, tournament host and one of the heads of RTSCUPS TV, Xeon, was kind enough to do an exclusive Interview for our clansite.

The following is a translation done by me, the original german version can be found here: viewtopic.php?t=344

Trip: Hi, Xeon.
You were very successful at the last two World Cyber Games.
At The WCG 2007 you reached the second place in Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars and in 2008 you reached the fourth place in Kanes Wrath.
Lookin back now, what does it mean your personal life beeing that successful in eSports and how was it recieved in your circle of acquaintances.

Xeon: After the first bigger successes a lot happend, I got more confident and learned a lot. For me it was a super time, in which I found a lot of new friends and I still have contact with them.
I will always feel good, when I will look back at the voyage to Seatle.
After the event I got asked about the success on parties, which made it harder not to be proud of it.
Also I enjoy looking back at other nice events, like the EA National Masters final.

Trip: You played Reaper on the WCG 08. Where do you see the strength of the race? Would for example Traveller offer more tactical possibilities?

Xeon: I played Scrin like in TW, which made it easier for me to change to Reaper 17. Traveller offers more tactical possibilities, but is harder to play and eventually not more effective.
Actually I played always the same tactic in KW, bacause I lacked the motivation to get more familiar with the game.

Trip: Which were your first steps in the world of Strategy Games?

Xeon: My first Online RTS was Age of Empires 2, however only as Fun Gamer. ESports got me excited when my brother became a successful Age of Empires 3 gamer and I so started out with Battle for Middleearth 2.
However I became successful for the first time in Paraworld, where I won the german EAS and 3. in the international EAS. Sadly they cancelled the already annunced EPS, so I started to look for a new game.
I spent a lot of time with the CnC TW Demo and tried to be active right from the start. I was one of the first gamers to qualify for the EPS and could enjoy further success there.

Trip: Was there a point in time where you realized that you can be compete in RTS on the highest levels or was this a slow evolution?

Xeon: As said already, I became successful in Paraworld, which showed me that you can earn some pocket money with eSports.
It has something to do with the family, my cousin was a good Quake 3 gamer back in the day.

Trip: Despite a lot of eSports Support for Kanes Wrath (ESL Pro Series, World Cyber Games, Ladder Season), not too many people played the game online in general. How come?

Xeon: The main reason is most likely that it is no longer the most current CnC title. But earlier it wasn't really successful either in my mind.
I suppose it has something to with EA concentrating on the casual gamer, who doesn't see the game as competition and rather plays the campaign.

Trip: What do you think about the newest C&C game, Red Alert 3?

Xeon: I don't have as much fun as with CnC 3 at the beginning, maybe this has something to do with me playing CnC for a long time. In my mind RA 3 got further simplified and thus more boring.
However the campaign was fun, eventually because of the cutscences.

Trip: You are one of the heads of the RTS CUPS. You hosted a lof of tournaments between 2007-2008. Which empirical values did you gain from hosting those tournaments?

Xeon: I hosted tournaments even before RTSCUPS, back then it was for Paraworld. With RTS CUPS the whole thing improved and was more fun, because I found some people that support me.
The tournaments were a lot of fun for me, but eventually took too much time.
However from time to time we organise more tournaments, for example there will be a Kanes Wrath 2on2 tournament in cooperaton with the United Forum.

Trip: A few month ago RTS CUPs evolved into RTS CUPS TV, a german programme streaming on Game TV. What was your motivation to put such a programme together?

Xeon: We had plans for it for a long time, but it got delayed for almost half a year. Game-TV offers everyone the chance to do their own broadcast. So we took the chance.
A real esports programme was lacking, so we decided to do one ourselves. After some difficulties at the beginning it worked out better and better.
We did some partnerships and get supported by Starcraft2 TV und
So far you couldn't see us at the broadcasts, but this will change soon.
We plan our own home studio and get supported by several partners for that matter.
If everything goes as planned, it would be a big step towards a professional gaming programme.

Trip: There is a new RTS from EA called Battleforge, which you guys feature a lot on RTSCUPS TV. Where do you see the potential of the game?

Xeon: Battleforge is definitely fun! I got really addicted to upgrade my cards and to unlock new missions. I like especially the PvE Mode, where you can have a lot of fun with friends.
However the PvP Mode takes alot... if the card sets are even, very thrilling Matches are possible.
However I doubt, that it will become a big eSports title.

The most criticsm seems to be about the payment system. To get new cards, you have to buy so called Battleforge points. The more money you spend, the more cards you get.

Trip: It doesn't look good for eSports on German TV. First off Giga 2, that was totally about eSports, ceased operations,
later Giga broadcasted less eSports and will now cease their operations as well.
Do you see streaming on the internet as the future of eSports broadcasting?

Xeon: The end of Giga is certainly not good for eSports or PC Gaming in general, however Game-TV gets an bigger audience because of that.
I hope Game-TV will manage to get broadcasted on normal TV, in order to reach a bigger audience.
It may take some time until there are 24h eSport TV stations like in Korea. Online Streams are a nice thing and should remain supported in the future.

Trip: Will you try to play Starcraft 2 on a pro level?

Xeon: I started to play Dawn of War 2, which is fun so far. I hope I can qualify for the announced EPS and be successful.
I will definitly play Starcraft 2 and see how I can compete there. However if RA 3 becomes a WCG title, I'll try that again.

Trip: Thanks for the interview, you shall have the last words.

Xeon: I thank everyone, who support RTS Cups and am looking forward to an exciting year.
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Re: Interview with Xeon (english)

Postby [DD]FlamerTank » Fri 27. Feb 2009, 19:45

Thanks for the translation : )

In my mind RA 3 got further simplified

Its less simple then the other cnc's imo >_>
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