10 years DD

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10 years DD

Postby [DD]Trip » Fri 2. Jan 2015, 15:42


I know that some people are checking the forums from time to time..
So I thought that I might write something, especially because it's 2015.
And that means that at a certain point in time within this year - who knows exactly when?!? -
the clan will be 10 years old.

Yes, 10 years.

In those 10 years, the world has changed.
But not only the world, also our beloved RTS genre.
The so called Moba games like DoTA 2 or LoL have steamrolled the RTS Genre.
Star Trek: Armada, C&C, Dawn of War? - All dead and gone.
The only RTS left worth mentioning is Starcraft 2.

So now that we realized that the present is different then the past,
lets take a look back.
Everyone that has a clan might think it's something special and in our case it might even be true.
This clan had a good balance between the social aspect and ambition.
Considering the members heritage it was mostly an european clan,
with some people from the USA or even Asia added to the mix.
The clan knew no borders or limits.

Will there be more stories to tell in the future?
My crystall ball just ran out of electricty, so I cannot tell yet.

But for now - cheers - 10 friggin' years.
The road to hell is full of good intentions.
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Re: 10 years DD

Postby [DD]FallenXE » Thu 29. Jan 2015, 15:30

Noticed Trip's post kind of late but hope everyone is doing fine and well in Real Life!

I remembered in CNC3 back in 08 when Trip was having clan trial matches and I randomly tried out, only to stumble upon a clan that had a rich legacy in Armada 2 and would expand to the CnC franchise en masse. Following years would see us grab headlines in Gamereplays tourneys and we became large to the extent we hosted our own cups and had damn good players among us like MrPhobos, MaxiHeimer, Voddy and IamOP.

Here's hoping there'll be some spark to light us back up someday, happy ten years anniversary Destiny Dealers! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

P.S. anyone who's still on Gr.Org I'm still there on KW staff, hit me up for a match or something!
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Re: 10 years DD

Postby [DD]MaxiHeimer » Fri 3. Jul 2015, 13:56

Hi to everyone who still visits this site once in a while.

It seems like it has been 100 years since the days when we played togther regulary. I guess that for the most of us we got hit by family life and parenthood, which sadly deminishes the time to play. (at least for me that was what happened)
I sometimes miss the good old days when i used to beat all of you in KW (thats the way i remember it :icon_wink: )
Is there still someone who plays KW once in a while? If yes then i would like to play and see if i havent forgotten completely how it goes :irre:

best send me an email if you want to play since i dont remember to visit this site too often

Happy anniversary to the clan :goodjob:
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