MMOs 2012 Overview

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MMOs 2012 Overview

Postby [DD]Trip » Wed 21. Mar 2012, 14:48

Heyho, as some of you might know for several years now there have been MMOs been played in the clan.
Here I give an (incomplete) overview of my personal thoughts on the state of MMOs.

Guild Wars 1:

Last interesting feature update was the addition of 7 heroes parties in 2011.
Last interesting content update was Dhuum in I don' know maybe 2009.
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Guild Wars 2:

No raids, no quests, no tanks, no healers, no, no, nothing,
but dynamic events
and more aggressive item shop policy.
I'm sceptical.


Full fledged and awesome singleplayer game,
but lacks features at the MMO side of things.
Might be interesting in the future - or not.


World of Warcraft Clone with a bit Guild Wars 1 and Dynamic Events mixed in.
Might go free to play sooner or later.

World of Warcraft:

More accessible than ever due to features like Raid finder.
However no new content til the next expansion.
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Re: MMOs 2012 Overview

Postby [DD]ALBundy » Sat 23. Jun 2012, 12:16


Free to Play, siege, rifting, PVP Areas, PVP 1v1 Arena, PVP and PVE instances, 8 classes (Gladiator, Templar, Assasin, Ranger, Chanter, Cleric, Spiritmaster, Mage) 2 Factions (Elyos, Asmodians)
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Re: MMOs 2012 Overview

Postby [DD]FallenXE » Tue 17. Jul 2012, 11:18

They recently published news that SWTOR is free-to-play till you reach level 15 :P

Ps. I feel damn old now posting here LOL
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