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Postby brammel » Wed 10. Feb 2010, 01:43

i thought id let the whole clan know
i was watching for AVP clans, and came across the WN (WarriorNation) clan
well, seeing as how it already had quite a big team and an enormous well setup community, i joined them. for the AVP section.

although i checked their rules and according to those i can still be in the dow2 section on this clan (if u considered me a member of it that is). but i dont know if thats allowed on this clan.

as i checked their site, it seems theyve got most games there asswel as HUGE community's, and although i liked it in this clan so far. decided id check their clan out.

so officially i joined their clan. and im srry to bring this dissapointing news for u guys.

not many read the forums nowadays, so ill talk around on vent about this (if still allowed).

cya guys there then.
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Re: Brammel

Postby [DD]Trip » Wed 10. Feb 2010, 09:53

It's not a big deal, as we are not a a FPS clan, so it doesn't really clash with our interests.

The DoW 2 Squad needs an overhaul anyway, but we might wait with that 'til Chaos Rising is out.
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Re: Brammel

Postby MastaKilla » Thu 11. Feb 2010, 07:32

Yeah, I doubt that there will be much activity if any apart from me and swifty until Chaos rising.
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