Getting Guild Wars 2?

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Getting Guild Wars 2?

Postby MastaKilla » Thu 9. Aug 2012, 05:36

Hey fellow Destiny Dealers, its been sometime.

If any of you and I mean any of my old clan mates are getting this brilliant game, Guild Wars 2. Then do come and apply to Bloodlust Enthroned and get prepared for destroying anyone or anything who stands in our way.

We will also provide support for League of Legends.

Bloodlust Enthroned, we will be situated on Desolation-EU. I hope many of you will bring what made Destiny Dealers the best RTS clan out there to Bloodlust Enthroned.

If you need to contact me for any reason add me on Skype: tehladliam
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Re: Getting Guild Wars 2?

Postby swift knife » Sat 11. Aug 2012, 22:36

I will also be joining BLE for Guild Wars 2. We Destiny Dealers have always played our games seriously and with a certain level of professionalism.

BLE will play the game with that same mindset and attitude. Therefore, it would be great for some of you Destiny Dealers to join our ranks as well.
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