Teamspeak 3 vs. Ventrilo

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What do you prefer for the clan: a TS3 or the Vent server?

Bring us a Teamspeak 3 server!
Keep the Ventrilo server.
I don't care.
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Re: Teamspeak 3 vs. Ventrilo

Postby [DD]DaVinci » Tue 20. Jul 2010, 22:14

TParis has a good connection since when? :P
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Re: Teamspeak 3 vs. Ventrilo

Postby notnA » Wed 21. Jul 2010, 10:26

Tac wrote:had some bugs and problems with ventrilo and some friends.
a few times a friend couldnt hear us for the whole time, when he closed vent he get everything we spoke in 10 sek.
jeah and that was allways when he was in ventrilo and ingame too
and we had some other probs :)
ts3 is again more handy

This is a known compability issue with win7/vista. But there is actually some ways to fix this. I had this problem myself and I did some research on how to remove it.

1: Always run as administrator
2: Go to settings->misc and there you set priority class to high.
3: Open ventrilos settings and in the top right corner you have to enter SFX. Then you have to mark the "Directional" and add the speakers you want. I for example have added front left/right 5.1.

For me it started to work properly after I fixed my SFX settings.
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Re: Teamspeak 3 vs. Ventrilo

Postby Tac » Wed 21. Jul 2010, 19:42

Thx for the bug-fix :) Next time ill try it.

and jeah i would say our connection here in the flat share is not bad :grntongue:
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