Forum Updated to 3.07

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Forum Updated to 3.07

Postby [DD]Trip » Thu 4. Mar 2010, 11:19

Forum updated to the latest PHPBB version, means 3.07.
No major features this time, mostly bugfixes.

Our old main forum style didn't got updated yet, so we are using a new one.
If you don't like it you can choose another 1 in your user control panel / settings,.
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Re: Forum Updated to 3.07

Postby [DD]DaVinci » Sun 7. Mar 2010, 02:15

The new stil looks awesome imo. Noone better to choose.

Well Done.

Best Regards

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Re: Forum Updated to 3.07

Postby Alt` » Mon 8. Mar 2010, 01:41

Good stuff
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Re: Forum Updated to 3.07

Postby TParis » Mon 8. Mar 2010, 03:21

The 2 Starcraft pictures don't seem to be any good up there. They make the design looking cheaper (as the pics just appear to have been pasted in) and the changed aspect ratio causes the pictures to be stretched, which makes it even worse.

Rest of the design looks decent... :baeh:
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