Your Race, Hero(s) and TS?

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Re: Your Race, Hero(s) and TS?

Postby Tomzr » Fri 22. Jan 2010, 01:15

TBH TS doesn't matter to me its TEAM PLAY not fucking TS u could be shit and have gd TS.
(sry for the language)
And if UR HERE TO STAY u might want to get on vent to talk with the other member of the team so u can interact and get to know them for the next Major Series because i'll be working u lot to the bone when Chaos Rising comes out in March...
I have TS 32/31/30 and i've got to that level by playing with the rest of the clan with lowwer TS and have u heard the Saying "don't judge a book by its cover" meaning u shouldn't judge ppl with there TS... ppl from DOW2 Team have improved extremely over the past couple of months.. TBH SMURF ACCOUNTS ARE NOOB.... I'll only make them if i play played the game over a year with BAD stats and ino know i could get into a higher lvl of play...
yes i was noob once and i'm just getting to Mid lvl so don't sound like a big shot with saying TS 30 is the golden number because it isn't...
Well if u want help build the clan competitive come to me or tex and we can discuss things to in the near future..

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Re: Your Race, Hero(s) and TS?

Postby Texaimian » Fri 22. Jan 2010, 02:05

This comment is concerning the last couple of messages but first off I want to start with last Saturday.

I was away most off the day looking after my nephews so I can home quit late and by then the cup had started. So I asked a couple what was going on and I got told who from the clan had joined it. Then after awhile I received messages from Raul weir we he was whining about how he lost to a noob and all balance. At the point I just had the feeling that it was like had not actually my brothers place to look after nephews. The reason why is that it's just the same amount of bull I was told. I did believe that people that joined a new clan would look at old post and read them. Because believe have already used to much time on how to act when your playing cups and stuff. But no we are again back to basics I believe that when we do future recruits we should tell all too read old post and see what has happened and they will learn a lot faster.

About all the last post I do not really care 4 people who make comments about that they might leave. If anyone do that in future why not just leave I really don’t care at all. Because if you are able to write that in a comment on this forum then you are also able to write that in ESL MS Final. Let's stop this fight about the TS. TS is a declared value that should represent your skill. What we are arguing about is BS if those arguing about the TS can’t even get pass the first two rounds off cup then why F**king HELL write stupid statements about how there TS 30 is so important.

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Re: Your Race, Hero(s) and TS?

Postby swift knife » Tue 9. Feb 2010, 19:43

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raulleonardo wrote:
I really do believe in the TS system
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Re: Your Race, Hero(s) and TS?

Postby MastaKilla » Fri 12. Feb 2010, 03:41

hahaha lol wtf @bump
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