Oh cumback time :D

Time for a new Dawn

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Oh cumback time :D

Postby MastaKilla » Fri 11. Sep 2009, 03:56

So after playing for like 10hrs with my mate, 5missions away from completing DoW2 campaign in a day. I think I may actually be ready to start owning tomorrow. So guys ill be on from like 2pm and ready to dominate...Bero make sure you pack coffee, energy drinks and buy a few bottles for mother nature and if be it...a tub for feicies.

Let the weekend of DoW2 COMMENCE..

dling photoshop atm ;D:D
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Re: Oh cumback time :D

Postby raulleonardo » Mon 28. Dec 2009, 23:51

Add me as friend and we can play: raulleonardo in both steam and gfwl ^^
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