Beta Tactics

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Beta Tactics

Postby Texaimian » Sun 5. Jul 2009, 15:01

Yesterday we all had a long talk on ventrilo about what the best tactics is about what is OP and what is UP. I would their for like to address this topic too this stuff that you guys every player can make a link to GR with a match they have played weir they used a tactic that really worked out well ofc. do the match also have to be against a good to make a relevant for the other players in the clan to watch. I believe with this tool we can focus more on finding good tactics that would probably help other players in the clan to give them more tools "Tactics" to work with. I understand everyone that thinks their races or units did get UP with the patch but we should focus a lot more on always playing the best we can and play the best tactics we know that's the only way will be able to reach to the top of the game :)

Their 4 I hope this Topic will be used to post replays or comments about good tactics that you have tryed out and worked out well :)
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Re: Beta Tactics

Postby brammel » Tue 7. Jul 2009, 13:29

there was a great use of spore mines by either bero or masterkiller in this game: ... 6.rec.html

in there, he gets spore mines in the middle of then enemy army, and blows it all up. but to be honest, i never saw them; at once there was an explosion, and i was like: wow. what was that. and he said he got his spore mines in.
so in an micro intensive battle. it is quite possible to get spore mines in unnoticed. just watch the replay.
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Re: Beta Tactics

Postby Hyrrok » Sat 11. Jul 2009, 17:53

me fooling around wuth the most skill required tac in dow2 as of yet !.. works against noobs only : <
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Re: Beta Tactics

Postby Paincarnate » Wed 15. Jul 2009, 00:44

Played one quick game with a m8 sometime ago, where i was farseer and he was HT. didnt save the replay >.<, sorry......

The tactic: if you could get the enemy army to retreat, then the FS (me) would use farsight on the enemy base, and he would spore mine drop into the enemy HQ just before they arrived, and start the blowing up. base turrets are virtually powerless to stop it, with the possible exception of that of the nids. anyway, just a tip there, its very useful to completely destroy one enemy's army, and virtually uncounterable as well :whisper:

give it a try :occasion14:
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Re: Beta Tactics

Postby raulleonardo » Mon 28. Dec 2009, 23:53

Tex! We should try that tactic next time we play, have not tried it before ^^

good idea you got back in April Pain :P
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