Tom Slacking?

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Tom Slacking?

Postby MastaKilla » Wed 21. Apr 2010, 03:53

So, Im playing away at some head to head to raise the TS that im at 29 ive started getting grouped with 30+
so im playing away with another chaos player..quite the thing..and well, pretty tight game with this guy winning..So Im talking away and he uses TS as a skill determiner and I then mention ESL, he then says he's in need on a clan doing ESL..So on we go and I explain im in the clan and such..Then he bursts out and says he already applied and even asked for a tryout last week but you said you were busy tom for whatever reason,

From my perspective he's pretty good, although I could beat him but at 3am in the morning..yunno lol..anyways i seriously would promote the tryout he seems like he's very enthusiastic to start playing ESL
and tom..Stop SLACKING!

Kind regards... :baeh:

He has also beat ArcaneFrost as shows: Replay
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