DOW 2 Clanwar on ESL

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DOW 2 Clanwar on ESL

Postby Tomzr » Wed 14. Apr 2010, 00:05

Hello Team, I was just wondering if I should put the team into the Clan war for DOW2 since we are have qualified for the major Series. Teams for previous qualifiers have joined in as well and I was hoping we could be a part of it. Just Post Here if u are interested in playing for the team.

The Link to the website is here: ... members/*/

I will need to know as well if u are going to be playing the 1v1 or 2v2 but for the 2v2 u will need a partner who will be there on the day and who u can work best with.
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Re: DOW 2 Clanwar on ESL

Postby Alt` » Wed 14. Apr 2010, 00:26

I'm up for anything, anytime.
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Re: DOW 2 Clanwar on ESL

Postby Sniesk » Wed 14. Apr 2010, 01:13

I can play the 1v1 match, i have not played any 2v2 since CR release so i'm a bit rusty in teamplay.
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Re: DOW 2 Clanwar on ESL

Postby MastaKilla » Wed 14. Apr 2010, 01:20

Im up for the 1 vs 1, if anyone wants to team with me for a 2 vs 2 im more than happy to play with someone.

Whisp me up if your interested
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Re: DOW 2 Clanwar on ESL

Postby Mirage3001 » Wed 14. Apr 2010, 07:15

oh well....
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Re: DOW 2 Clanwar on ESL

Postby swift knife » Thu 15. Apr 2010, 17:51

Mirage3001 wrote:oh well....

Whats wrong Mirage?

Anyway, I will play that tournament but I think its best if we would have a weekly training so people like me that don't play the game alot anymore can see what has changed and what's overpowered and so we dont get super rusty when the time comes.
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raulleonardo wrote:
I really do believe in the TS system
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