leaving the dow2 squad

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leaving the dow2 squad

Postby brammel » Tue 23. Feb 2010, 00:11

im leaving the dow2 squad for this clan
my reason for doing so is that swift is the actual only member i play with occasionally, and with his recent sign in changes, the dow2 section is kinda gone in my opinion.

i got invited into a german clan called: fog (focus on gaming)
and ive been tracking them for some time. and they have enormous activity, asswel as some of the best players in the game. but my main reason is their activity, ive been able to find alot of games with these guys all the time. so thats why im stepping over.

ill still get on vent to tell this around a bit.

i know this clan is trying to get more players in the coming expension but i hope u can understand why im switching clans.

so thx for everyting this clan has offered me, i had a great time here.

as of now, im officially in no squad anymore, but ill still be around if allowed.

also the cc4 war id really like to play in there, if that was still possible.

anyway, cya guys around
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Re: leaving the dow2 squad

Postby Tomzr » Tue 23. Feb 2010, 01:00

Well All I Say is Gl in FOG

I would say we are going through a rough patch with recruiting players over the past couple of weeks but after a couple of weeks when Chaso Rising comes out we should have the full team up and running again i hope.

And i would talk to trip about the vent, if u will be able to come back on..

See ya on the BattleField..
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Re: leaving the dow2 squad

Postby swift knife » Tue 23. Feb 2010, 16:43

Goodbye Brammel, had some great games together(before sign in change).
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raulleonardo wrote:
I really do believe in the TS system
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