May 16th CNC4 tourney

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May 16th CNC4 tourney

Postby [DD]FallenXE » Fri 14. May 2010, 19:08

This one will be a 5v5 on Sunday, May 16th, and it will start at 18:00 GMT. The $100 cash prize goes 100% to the winning team.

Tournament Format and Rules
This first tournament is a 5v5 official maps tournament. The tournament will be played as best of two all the way to the finals. The finals will be played as best of four. In the event of a 1-1 or 2-2 result Victory Points will be the determining factor. The team with the most Victory Points advances. You may state your preferred faction and in the event you are matched up against another team with the same preference you will be required to split the games half and half, meaning you play your preference during half the games and they get to play their preference during half the games. If you select "both" then you cede faction choice to your opponent unless they make the same choice in which case you simply alternate. Map pool to be announced.

I might be available for this one,anyone else up for this :wave:

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