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CNC4 Squad List

Postby [DD]FallenXE » Sun 14. Feb 2010, 06:56

Hmm....with the release coming around the corner,I think its good if we have a centralised list so that we know who to hit up when there's training or such.Write your name if you're up for the cnc4 squad.

DD FTW :biggrin2:
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Re: CNC4 Squad List

Postby Clues1 » Mon 15. Feb 2010, 09:05

I will join this squad :).
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Re: CNC4 Squad List

Postby Tomzr » Mon 15. Feb 2010, 11:15

I will join the team aswell
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Re: CNC4 Squad List

Postby [DD]Trip » Mon 15. Feb 2010, 14:57

And I will create a Clan in the C&C 4 Online system,
which will give us another Squad list.
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Re: CNC4 Squad List

Postby s33ker » Mon 29. Mar 2010, 16:53

Upon some official acceptance and I suppose access to the Vent server etc., I would love to play CC4 on your squad. That is why I came. I'm 26 and I'm in the U.S. so I'm GMT -6 hours and I am pretty busy with work/school/daughter etc. like that but I still find time to play, it's just a matter of planning. I see that you guys seem to plan practice games so that's great. Looking forward to having a CC4 team.
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