MMO Aion

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MMO Aion

Postby floppyedonkey » Thu 3. Dec 2009, 22:34

Is there a DD group of players playing this game? if not is there anyone playing this game that might want to meet up on a server? or start a DD guild with in this game?

Cheers :headbang:
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Re: MMO Aion

Postby [DD]Trip » Tue 8. Dec 2009, 00:57

Having now finished all campaings and elite areas in Guild Wars, I'm not feeling like getting another Online RPG any time soon.
It was a new experience for me, however also a long road, which I'm not sure I want to walk ever again.
Most of it I enjoyed the Raids (groups of people doing a misson or dungeon), which was a bit like playing Unreal 1 in coop back in the day, just more complex.

However if you get a Aion Guild running you can call it "Destiny Dealers" and lead it to glory.
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