Clan Name: Destiny Dealers Tag: DD Founded: 2005 Voice Chat Server: Ventrilo
Squads: Command & Conquer Series, Starcraft 2, Dawn of War 2, RPGs

[RPG] MMO 2012 Overview, posted on 21 Mar 2012 by [DD]Trip

[KW]Ikkuh 2nd December Ladder Wars, posted on 09 Jan 2011 by [DD]Trip

[SC2] Suntzu wins ESL Custom Map Cup, posted on 04 Dec 2010 by [DD]Trip

[KW]Ikkuh 3rd at Unleashed Cup Nov-21-2010, posted on 25 Nov 2010 by [DD]Trip

[SC2] 3rd war won in Clanwar League, posted on 01 Nov 2010 by [DD]Trip

[KW] Rayzer 2nd August Ladder Wars, posted on 05 Sep 2010 by [DD]Trip

[KW] UF Cup Aug-2010: Pacifier 2nd, Brainiac 3rd, posted on 08 Aug 2010 by [DD]Trip

[KW] Invite Cup July 2010: vOddy is 3rd, posted on 05 Aug 2010 by [DD]Trip

[KW] Rayzer wins June Ladder Wars, posted on 31 Jul 2010 by [DD]Trip

New KW tournament July-18-2010, posted on 15 Jul 2010 by [DD]Trip

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